Valley Quest Design is a full-service landscape architecture studio. We engage in a wide range of project types and sizes, including parks and recreation, municipal, institutional, commercial and residential development. We are registered with the Texas Board of Architectural Examiners and are licensed to provide landscape architecture services in the State of Texas.



An understanding of regulatory requirements, environmental attributes, physical constraints and budgetary impacts involved in site development allow us to navigate the often-times complex planning process. Furthermore, our tested design talent and modern techniques allow us to produce stunning conceptual plans and illustrations to help our clients sell projects to stakeholders and decision-makers.

Whether it's urban redevelopment, environmental mitigation, transportation corridor, sports facility planning or planting plans- we have the experience to guide our clients to responsible, feasible and beautiful solutions, long before the first yard of dirt is moved on an actual site.

Construction Documents

Nothing makes a project work like a detailed set of drawings and specifications rooted in real-world construction techniques and the knowledge base of the art and science of landscape architecture.

Not only have we put our design knowledge of planting, paving, grading, drainage and structural design to the test on paper- we've observed their construction and learned what happens out in the field where Mother Nature and the built environment don't always get along. This experience allows us to produce documents that are readily applicable on site and help take the guesswork out of site construction.

Construction Administration

When it comes time to put down the pencils and start moving earth, we're there to help guide the project to the end. We know how construction contracts work and more importantly, how contractors work. This phase of work involves reviewing materials submittals and Requests for Information from the contractor as well as observing both the general construction progress and specific elements of the landscape and site construction. We've been a part of many construction teams in our past, delivering projects that look good, are on time and within budget.