From trust to relationship; from relationship to collaboration. Caring for and stewarding the land in which we work, live and play is important, and we certainly hold ourselves to a high standard in how we approach that set of ideals.  However, we then have to decide: is that where we stop, or is there more?  We tend to believe there is.  We believe that we serve a greater purpose to what we do and we strive to demonstrate that core belief through our culture, and thusly through our thoughts, our speech and our actions.  That all starts with building trust, the firmest of foundations.

Made for the Valley. Why the valley?  Why the catchy tag line?  The founding statement provides more insight into this, but the bottom line is this: we understand our place.  We are happy to be in the valley.  We know how to operate here.  This is where we thrive and live out our passion.

Helping people. We are in the service industry.  We serve each other.  We serve our clients.  We serve our community.  It takes a heart bent toward meeting the needs of others to achieve this on a consistent basis.  Valley Quest and our team is dedicated to this core value.  It is our highest priority.  We preach it out loud and we take careful and measured steps to make sure we aren't missing the mark with this.  We hope that when you work with us you will have no doubt that we practice what we preach.

Use your passion. One of the greatest pieces of advice we have ever received is to not ask, “what does the world need?”, but rather, ask, “what are you passionate about?” When you have that answer, go out and do it, with all your heart.  People follow passion,  People relate to passion.  People respond to passion. We take our passion and turn it into action.


We were not made for the mountain top.  We were made for the valley.  This is where we show our strength.  The mountain top is there for us to visit just long enough to draw strength for the valley.  The valley is where our mettle is tested.  Our quest for purpose in life is found in the valley, but the quest is never-ending. It’s a humble place. The valley represents a place of humility. It represents a place that has been carved out through the tests of time just as a river cuts through it. It represents a place where right through the middle of the wilderness there is a river of life, where mighty oaks grow along the banks. This is where we find those in need: the poor, the broken-hearted, the lost, the orphans and the widows. Our vision is to help people; plain and simple. We will meet them right there in the valley and strive to provide the absolute best service we can, no matter the cause.