Valley Quest Design's founding partners


Andrew Cousins

Mr. Cousins is the original founder and head principal of the company; a registered landscape architect with more than fifteen years of design and project management experience in park and recreation planning and design, transportation enhancement, commercial and institutional design.  Not one to relish in his own accomplishments, he is quick to point to those around him who have offered support and encouragement to him over the years to help Valley Quest Design become what it is today.  He loves the opportunity to participate in the formation of something new to suit a need where one exists, especially when he knows that it will ultimately benefit people.  His prior experience in helping to build a small business awoke in him an entrepreneurial spirit, bringing to life a new passion to see growth and development in a business that is dedicated to serving others.

Andrew has been described by some as “disarming”; which likely comes from his calm demeanor combined with his ability to drill down to the root of the issue at hand and the genuineness of his response when action is required.  He also strategically uses his sense of humor to keep things in perspective, so do not be surprised if he cracks a joke in a conference meeting; he is always looking for the angle to keep things lighthearted.  He is serious about helping others, but has a firm grasp on the reality that life is meant to be experienced to the fullest, enjoyed, and shared with others.

When he is not in his studio you will find him investing his time in his beloved family, children Presley and Logan, and his amazing wife, Susan.  If he could make a living fly fishing or anything else involving the outdoors, he would probably pick that over running a small business, but he has resigned to the fact that his fishing skills will not pay for his kid’s college.  His love for nature is only equaled by his genuine love for people.  He devotes much of his time to volunteering for various local ministries and is currently helping to build a new ministry in Fort Worth that focuses on getting recovering addicts back on the right path.

A wise man once said, the best place to make your mistake is in little rooms. I’ve made plenty of mistakes, but redirecting the trajectory of my career here with this company is not one of them. Love what you do. We design parks for a living. If you can’t find joy in that, you might need to move on to something else.
— Andrew


Jeremy Blad

Mr. Blad is the co-founder of Valley Quest Design, enthusiastically throwing his lot in with Andrew at the company's inception. He is a registered landscape architect with more than 13 years of professional practice. During that time he has gained valuable experience on a wide variety of projects- transportation, urban planning, parks and recreation, residential, commercial, hospitality and institutional, to name the big ones. These have also come in a wide variety of locales around the world- his work has taken him around the United States, the Middle East and Asia; he and his family spent 4 years living and working in Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates. He has worked for several engineering, planning, architecture and landscape architecture firms of differing sizes and structures. Through all this, he has shown himself to be extremely adaptable in a wide array of situations and challenges- a key trait for the company's lead design principal.

Jeremy's leadership in thoughtful design and confident decision-making owe to his background in working on large, complex projects, in various team makeups and in a wide range of cultures and environments. He takes great pride in having done this oftentimes in stressful and adverse conditions, helping him to keep his work (and life in general) in perspective. A sense of humor and a desire to continue learning new things help keep Jeremy sane.

Despite the travels work has sent him on, he most enjoys working right here in his home state of Texas, where he can also be found traversing the prairies, forests and wetlands in pursuit of various fish and game in his free time. Jeremy adores his lovely wife Lori and his precious twelve-year-old daughters, Annie and Chloe. Jeremy has always enjoyed helping others and volunteers his time working with the Sunday School and missionaries at his church. When he can, he gets away to the mountains and deserts of the west for some adventure. He grew up in the foothills of Mount Rainier and attended Utah State University nestled in the Bear River Range- these beautiful surroundings led him to a deep respect for nature and a love of outdoor recreation- they continue to influence who he is today.

I’ve always had a great appreciation for nature and landscape and I take very seriously the responsibility of shaping the outdoors for people to enjoy through the practice of landscape architecture- I’m thrilled to be a part of it.
— Jeremy